Help: App Tour

A quick tour of the main app screens.

The Plan Tab

This is where you’ll spend most of your time. We’ve packed a lot of functionality into this one screen, but we’ve done our best to keep it from being overwhelming.

  • Schedule/reschedule/unschedule meals and events. An “Event” is a one-time event, which you do not expect to schedule again. A “Meal” is something you do expect to schedule again, so it will be saved to your Meals tab for easy access.
  • Browse upcoming and past planned meals
  • In the meal drawer at the bottom, find meals you haven’t scheduled in a while, and meals marked “Want to Eat” by you and other members of your plan
  • Planned Meal Reminders & Options: set meal type and time, set/edit/cancel reminders, add leftovers, record expenses (if applicable)
  • View list of recently received notifications (top left icon)

The Meals Tab

When you create a Meal, it will be stored here. You can add/edit/delete and search for meals, and even schedule them directly.

You can star meals to designate them as “Want to Eat,” which will cause the meal to sort to the top of the meal drawer on the Plan tab until it is scheduled (or the “Want to Eat” star is removed by the person who starred it).

The Shop Tab

Meal DJ has two types of shopping lists, manual and automated. A manual list is a lot like a paper shopping list, except that it can be shared with others, and you can collaborate in real time.

An automated list is even better! You select a date range, and anytime you schedule or unschedule a meal in that date range, your shopping list updates automatically.

The Settings Tab

Everything else can be found here. You’ll find settings for your Meal Plan and your Account and many other little things consolidated into this space.

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