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About Meal DJ

Meal DJ is a new meal planning app that soft-launched for iOS and Android in December 2021. Planning meals ahead of time and consolidating grocery shopping saves time and money and reduces food waste. Meal DJ makes it fun, easy, and collaborative.

Key Features

  • Invite family, roommates, friends, coworkers to plan, shop, and cook together.
  • List the main ingredients for each meal, and Meal DJ will compile a shopping list for you automatically. Check off the items you already have on hand, and later, check off the remaining items as you buy them.
  • Not just for home-cooked meals! You can also plan and log restaurant meals, snacks, and events, and add leftovers for any of them with one tap.


Meal DJ is independent (not affiliated with grocery chains, etc.), does not include advertising, and does not collect/analyze user data. Thus, we need to charge subscription fees.

Pricing is still TBD at this time, but will land in the range of $25-40/year for a typical family. (Until the full launch, subscriptions will be available, but optional.)

Download links:

Meal DJ for iOS

Meal DJ for Android

About the Team

Meal DJ is produced by Bigger Bird Creative, Inc. Bigger Bird was founded in 2005 as a web design & development shop. Meal DJ represents Bigger Bird's first major mobile app launch.

Annie & Aaron Namba are the designer-developer couple behind Bigger Bird Creative, Inc. Originally from Honolulu, Hawaii, Annie & Aaron currently live and work in Seoul, Korea.


Email: [email protected]